class pyvips.voperation.Operation(pointer)[source]

Call libvips operations.

This class wraps the libvips VipsOperation class.

set(name, flags, match_image, value)[source]

Set a GObject property.

The value is converted to the property type, if possible.

static call(operation_name, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Call a libvips operation.

Use this method to call any libvips operation. For example:

black_image = pyvips.Operation.call('black', 10, 10)

See the Introduction for notes on how this works.

static generate_docstring(operation_name)[source]

Make a google-style docstring.

This is used to generate help() output.

static generate_sphinx(operation_name)[source]

Make a sphinx-style docstring.

This is used to generate the off-line docs.

static generate_sphinx_all()[source]

Generate sphinx documentation.

This generates a .rst file for all auto-generated image methods. Use it to regenerate the docs with something like:

$ python -c "import pyvips; pyvips.Operation.generate_sphinx_all()" > x

And copy-paste the file contents into doc/vimage.rst in the appropriate place.


Set the maximum number of operations libvips will cache.


Limit the operation cache by memory use.


Limit the operation cache by number of open files.


Turn on libvips cache tracing.