Source code for pyvips.vconnection

from __future__ import division

import logging

import pyvips
from pyvips import ffi, vips_lib, _to_string

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class Connection(pyvips.VipsObject): """The abstract base Connection class. """ def __init__(self, pointer): # logger.debug('Operation.__init__: pointer = %s', pointer) super(Connection, self).__init__(pointer)
[docs] def filename(self): """Get the filename associated with a connection. Return None if there is no associated file. """ so = ffi.cast('VipsConnection *', self.pointer) pointer = vips_lib.vips_connection_filename(so) if pointer == ffi.NULL: return None else: return _to_string(pointer)
[docs] def nick(self): """Make a human-readable name for a connection suitable for error messages. """ so = ffi.cast('VipsConnection *', self.pointer) pointer = vips_lib.vips_connection_nick(so) if pointer == ffi.NULL: return None else: return _to_string(pointer)
__all__ = ['Connection']