VIPS function list

Using VIPS — List of VIPS functions and operators

Function list

VIPS has a set of operators each of which computes some useful image processing operation. Each operator is implemented as a GObject class, for example VipsGamma. Classes are identified by their unique nickname, in this case gamma. From the command-line, C++ and most language bindings, you use the nickname to call the operator. For example in C++:

  vips::VImage fred = ...;
  vips::VImage jim = fred.gamma();

or Python:

  fred = jim.gamma()

VIPS has a set of C wrapper functions for calling operators, in this case vips_gamma():

  VipsImage *fred = ...;
  VipsImage *jim;

  if (vips_gamma(fred, &jim, NULL))

Some operators have many C convenience functions.

This table lists all the VIPS operators with their C convenience functions and a short description. It's supposed to be useful for searching. See the API docs each function links to for more details.

Table 1. VIPS functions and operators

Operator Description C functions
system run an external command vips_system()
add add two images vips_add()
subtract subtract two images vips_subtract()
multiply multiply two images vips_multiply()
divide divide two images vips_divide()
relational relational operation on two images vips_relational(), vips_equal(), vips_notequal(), vips_less(), vips_lesseq(), vips_more(), vips_moreeq()
remainder remainder after integer division of two images vips_remainder()
boolean boolean operation on two images vips_boolean(), vips_andimage(), vips_orimage(), vips_eorimage(), vips_lshift(), vips_rshift()
math2 binary math operations vips_math2(), vips_pow(), vips_wop()
complex2 complex binary operations on two images vips_complex2(), vips_cross_phase()
complexform form a complex image from two real images vips_complexform()
sum sum an array of images vips_sum()
invert invert an image vips_invert()
linear calculate (a * in + b) vips_linear(), vips_linear1()
math apply a math operation to an image vips_math(), vips_sin(), vips_cos(), vips_tan(), vips_asin(), vips_acos(), vips_atan(), vips_exp(), vips_exp10(), vips_log(), vips_log10()
abs absolute value of an image vips_abs()
sign unit vector of pixel vips_sign()
round perform a round function on an image vips_round(), vips_floor(), vips_ceil(), vips_rint()
relational_const relational operations against a constant vips_relational_const(), vips_equal_const(), vips_notequal_const(), vips_less_const(), vips_lesseq_const(), vips_more_const(), vips_moreeq_const(), vips_relational_const1(), vips_equal_const1(), vips_notequal_const1(), vips_less_const1(), vips_lesseq_const1(), vips_more_const1(), vips_moreeq_const1()
remainder_const remainder after integer division of an image and a constant vips_remainder_const(), vips_remainder_const1()
boolean_const boolean operations against a constant vips_boolean_const(), vips_andimage_const(), vips_orimage_const(), vips_eorimage_const(), vips_lshift_const(), vips_rshift_const(), vips_boolean_const1(), vips_andimage_const1(), vips_orimage_const1(), vips_eorimage_const1(), vips_lshift_const1(), vips_rshift_const1()
math2_const pow( in, c ) vips_math2_const(), vips_pow_const(), vips_wop_const(), vips_math2_const1(), vips_pow_const1(), vips_wop_const1()
complex perform a complex operation on an image vips_complex(), vips_polar(), vips_rect(), vips_conj()
complexget get a component from a complex image vips_complexget(), vips_real(), vips_imag()
avg find image average vips_avg()
min find image minimum vips_min()
max find image maximum vips_max()
deviate find image standard deviation vips_deviate()
stats find image average vips_stats()
hist_find find image histogram vips_hist_find()
hist_find_ndim find n-dimensional image histogram vips_hist_find_ndim()
hist_find_indexed find indexed image histogram vips_hist_find_indexed()
hough_line find hough line transform vips_hough_line()
hough_circle find hough circle transform vips_hough_circle()
project find image projections vips_project()
profile find image profiles vips_profile()
measure measure a set of patches on a color chart vips_measure()
getpoint read a point from an image vips_getpoint()
copy copy an image vips_copy()
tilecache cache an image as a set of tiles vips_tilecache()
linecache cache an image as a set of lines vips_linecache()
sequential check sequential access vips_sequential()
cache cache an image vips_cache()
embed embed an image in a larger image vips_embed()
gravity expand an image with a specified gravity vips_gravity()
flip flip an image vips_flip()
transpose3d transpose a volumetric image vips_transpose3d()
insert insert image sub into main at x, y vips_insert()
join join a pair of images vips_join()
arrayjoin join an array of images vips_arrayjoin()
extract_area extract an area from an image vips_extract_area(), vips_crop()
smartcrop extract an area from an image vips_smartcrop()
find_trim search an image for non-background pixels vips_find_trim()
extract_band extract band from an image vips_extract_band()
bandjoin bandwise join a set of images vips_bandjoin(), vips_bandjoin2()
bandjoin_const append a constant band to an image vips_bandjoin_const(), vips_bandjoin_const1()
bandrank band-wise rank of a set of images vips_bandrank()
bandmean band-wise average vips_bandmean()
bandbool boolean operation across image bands vips_bandbool(), vips_bandand(), vips_bandor(), vips_bandeor(), vips_bandmean()
replicate replicate an image vips_replicate()
cast cast an image vips_cast(), vips_cast_uchar(), vips_cast_char(), vips_cast_ushort(), vips_cast_short(), vips_cast_uint(), vips_cast_int(), vips_cast_float(), vips_cast_double(), vips_cast_complex(), vips_cast_dpcomplex()
rot rotate an image vips_rot()
rot45 rotate an image vips_rot45()
autorot autorotate image by exif tag vips_autorot()
ifthenelse ifthenelse an image vips_ifthenelse()
recomb linear recombination with matrix vips_recomb()
bandfold fold up x axis into bands vips_bandfold()
composite composite a set of images with a PDF blend mode vips_composite()
bandunfold unfold image bands into x axis vips_bandunfold()
flatten flatten alpha out of an image vips_flatten()
premultiply premultiply image alpha vips_premultiply()
unpremultiply unpremultiply image alpha vips_unpremultiply()
grid grid an image vips_grid()
scale scale an image to uchar vips_scale()
wrap wrap image origin vips_wrap()
zoom zoom an image vips_zoom()
subsample subsample an image vips_subsample()
msb pick most-significant byte from an image vips_msb()
byteswap byteswap an image vips_byteswap()
falsecolour false colour an image vips_falsecolour()
gamma gamma an image vips_gamma()
black make a black image vips_black()
gaussnoise make a gaussnoise image vips_gaussnoise()
text make a text image vips_text()
xyz make an image where pixel values are coordinates vips_xyz()
gaussmat make a gaussian image vips_gaussmat()
logmat make a laplacian of gaussian image vips_logmat()
eye make an image showing the eye's spatial response vips_eye()
grey make a grey ramp image vips_grey()
zone make a zone plate vips_zone()
sines make a 2D sine wave vips_sines()
mask_ideal make an ideal filter vips_mask_ideal()
mask_ideal_ring make an ideal ring filter vips_mask_ideal_ring()
mask_ideal_band make an ideal band filter vips_mask_ideal_band()
mask_butterworth make a butterworth filter vips_mask_butterworth()
mask_butterworth_ring make a butterworth ring filter vips_mask_butterworth_ring()
mask_butterworth_band make a butterworth_band filter vips_mask_butterworth_band()
mask_gaussian make a gaussian filter vips_mask_gaussian()
mask_gaussian_ring make a gaussian ring filter vips_mask_gaussian_ring()
mask_gaussian_band make a gaussian filter vips_mask_gaussian_band()
mask_fractal make fractal filter vips_mask_fractal()
buildlut build a look-up table vips_buildlut()
invertlut build an inverted look-up table vips_invertlut()
tonelut build a look-up table vips_tonelut()
identity make a 1D image where pixel values are indexes vips_identity()
fractsurf make a fractal surface vips_fractsurf()
worley make a worley noise image vips_worley()
perlin make a perlin noise image vips_perlin()
radload load a Radiance image from a file vips_radload()
pdfload load PDF with libpoppler vips_pdfload()
pdfload_buffer load PDF with libpoppler vips_pdfload_buffer()
svgload load SVG with rsvg vips_svgload()
svgload_buffer load SVG with rsvg vips_svgload_buffer()
gifload load GIF with giflib vips_gifload()
gifload_buffer load GIF with giflib vips_gifload_buffer()
ppmload load ppm from file vips_ppmload()
csvload load csv from file vips_csvload()
matrixload load matrix from file vips_matrixload()
analyzeload load an Analyze6 image vips_analyzeload()
rawload load raw data from a file vips_rawload()
pngload load png from file vips_pngload()
pngload_buffer load png from buffer vips_pngload_buffer()
matload load mat from file vips_matload()
jpegload load jpeg from file vips_jpegload()
jpegload_buffer load jpeg from buffer vips_jpegload_buffer()
webpload load webp from file vips_webpload()
webpload_buffer load webp from buffer vips_webpload_buffer()
tiffload load tiff from file vips_tiffload()
tiffload_buffer load tiff from buffer vips_tiffload_buffer()
openslideload load file with OpenSlide vips_openslideload()
magickload load file with ImageMagick vips_magickload()
magickload_buffer load image from buffer with ImageMagick vips_magickload_buffer()
magicksave save file with ImageMagick vips_magicksave()
niftiload load a NIfTI image vips_niftiload()
niftisave save image in NIfTI format vips_niftisave()
fitsload load a FITS image vips_fitsload()
openexrload load an OpenEXR image vips_openexrload()
radsave save image to Radiance file vips_radsave()
ppmsave save image to ppm file vips_ppmsave()
csvsave save image to csv file vips_csvsave()
matrixsave save image to matrix file vips_matrixsave()
matrixprint print matrix vips_matrixprint()
rawsave save image to raw file vips_rawsave()
rawsave_fd write raw image to file descriptor vips_rawsave_fd()
dzsave save image to deep zoom format vips_dzsave()
dzsave_buffer save image to dz buffer vips_dzsave_buffer()
pngsave save image to png file vips_pngsave()
pngsave_buffer save image to png buffer vips_pngsave_buffer()
jpegsave save image to jpeg file vips_jpegsave()
jpegsave_buffer save image to jpeg buffer vips_jpegsave_buffer()
jpegsave_mime save image to jpeg mime vips_jpegsave_mime()
webpsave save image to webp file vips_webpsave()
webpsave_buffer save image to webp buffer vips_webpsave_buffer()
tiffsave save image to tiff file vips_tiffsave()
tiffsave_buffer save image to tiff buffer vips_tiffsave_buffer()
fitssave save image to fits file vips_fitssave()
shrink shrink an image vips_shrink()
shrinkh shrink an image horizontally vips_shrinkh()
shrinkv shrink an image vertically vips_shrinkv()
reduceh shrink an image horizontally vips_reduceh()
reducev shrink an image vertically vips_reducev()
reduce reduce an image vips_reduce()
thumbnail generate thumbnail from file vips_thumbnail()
thumbnail_buffer generate thumbnail from buffer vips_thumbnail_buffer()
thumbnail_image generate thumbnail from image vips_thumbnail_image()
mapim resample an image with an arbitrary warp vips_mapim()
affine affine transform of an image vips_affine()
similarity similarity transform of an image vips_similarity()
rotate rotate an image by a number of degrees vips_rotate()
resize resize an image vips_resize()
colourspace convert to a new colourspace vips_colourspace()
Lab2XYZ transform CIELAB to XYZ vips_Lab2XYZ()
XYZ2Lab transform XYZ to Lab vips_XYZ2Lab()
Lab2LCh transform Lab to LCh vips_Lab2LCh()
LCh2Lab transform LCh to Lab vips_LCh2Lab()
LCh2CMC transform LCh to CMC vips_LCh2CMC()
CMC2LCh transform LCh to CMC vips_CMC2LCh()
XYZ2Yxy transform XYZ to Yxy vips_XYZ2Yxy()
Yxy2XYZ transform Yxy to XYZ vips_Yxy2XYZ()
scRGB2XYZ transform scRGB to XYZ vips_scRGB2XYZ()
XYZ2scRGB transform XYZ to scRGB vips_XYZ2scRGB()
LabQ2Lab unpack a LabQ image to float Lab vips_LabQ2Lab()
Lab2LabQ transform float Lab to LabQ coding vips_Lab2LabQ()
LabQ2LabS unpack a LabQ image to short Lab vips_LabQ2LabS()
LabS2LabQ transform short Lab to LabQ coding vips_LabS2LabQ()
LabS2Lab transform signed short Lab to float vips_LabS2Lab()
Lab2LabS transform float Lab to signed short vips_Lab2LabS()
rad2float unpack Radiance coding to float RGB vips_rad2float()
float2rad transform float RGB to Radiance coding vips_float2rad()
LabQ2sRGB unpack a LabQ image to short Lab vips_LabQ2sRGB()
sRGB2HSV transform sRGB to HSV vips_sRGB2HSV()
HSV2sRGB transform HSV to sRGB vips_HSV2sRGB()
sRGB2scRGB convert an sRGB image to scRGB vips_sRGB2scRGB()
scRGB2BW convert scRGB to BW vips_scRGB2BW()
scRGB2sRGB convert an scRGB image to sRGB vips_scRGB2sRGB()
icc_import import from device with ICC profile vips_icc_import()
icc_export output to device with ICC profile vips_icc_export()
icc_transform transform between devices with ICC profiles vips_icc_transform()
dE76 calculate dE76 vips_dE76()
dE00 calculate dE00 vips_dE00()
dECMC calculate dECMC vips_dECMC()
maplut map an image though a lut vips_maplut()
percent find threshold for percent of pixels vips_percent()
stdif statistical difference vips_stdif()
hist_cum form cumulative histogram vips_hist_cum()
hist_match match two histograms vips_hist_match()
hist_norm normalise histogram vips_hist_norm()
hist_equal histogram equalisation vips_hist_equal()
hist_plot plot histogram vips_hist_plot()
hist_local local histogram equalisation vips_hist_local()
hist_ismonotonic test for monotonicity vips_hist_ismonotonic()
hist_entropy estimate image entropy vips_hist_entropy()
conv convolution operation vips_conv()
conva approximate integer convolution vips_conva()
convf float convolution operation vips_convf()
convi int convolution operation vips_convi()
compass convolve with rotating mask vips_compass()
convsep seperable convolution operation vips_convsep()
convasep approximate separable integer convolution vips_convasep()
sobel Sobel edge detector vips_sobel()
canny Canny edge detector vips_canny()
fastcor fast correlation vips_fastcor()
spcor spatial correlation vips_spcor()
sharpen unsharp masking for print vips_sharpen()
gaussblur gaussian blur vips_gaussblur()
fwfft forward FFT vips_fwfft()
invfft inverse FFT vips_invfft()
freqmult frequency-domain filtering vips_freqmult()
spectrum make displayable power spectrum vips_spectrum()
phasecor calculate phase correlation vips_phasecor()
morph morphology operation: dilate, erode, hitmiss vips_morph()
rank rank filter vips_rank(), vips_median()
countlines count lines in an image vips_countlines()
labelregions label regions in an image vips_labelregions()
fill_nearest replace each zero pixel with the nearest non-zero pixel vips_fill_nearest()
draw_rect paint a rectangle on an image vips_draw_rect(), vips_draw_rect1(), vips_draw_point(), vips_draw_point1()
draw_mask draw a mask on an image vips_draw_mask(), vips_draw_mask1()
draw_line draw a line on an image vips_draw_line(), vips_draw_line1()
draw_circle draw a circle on an image vips_draw_circle(), vips_draw_circle1()
draw_flood flood-fill an area vips_draw_flood(), vips_draw_flood1()
draw_image paint an image into another image vips_draw_image()
draw_smudge blur a rectangle on an image vips_draw_smudge()
merge merge two images vips_merge()
mosaic mosaic two images vips_mosaic()
mosaic1 first-order mosaic of two images vips_mosaic1()
match first-order match of two images vips_match()
globalbalance global balance an image mosaic vips_globalbalance()